Review: Automated Bitcoin trading with Haasbot 2.0

What is Haasbot 2.0: The Haasbot is a sophisticated Bitcoin trading software that is especially designed for Bitcoin specialists. Amateur and hobby traders will certainly find this software very useful.

Who is behind the Bitcoin code?

Haasbot emerged from a private project by Stephan Haas. However, Haas and his team decided to release the Bitcoin code software for commercial trading as well. The team consists of Haas himself, marketing manager Phil Donsbach, developer Lander Vanhaverbeke and supporter Thei Goodman. Here is more info:

Costs: The Haasbot is available in three different price variants. A three-month „Beginner“ license costs 0.22 BTC, the „Simple“ license costs 0.30 BTC and the „Advanced“ full version costs 0.45 BTC. Payment in Fiat currencies (USD, EUR etc.) is not possible.

Available languages: English, German, Dutch

Release Date: January 2015.

Summary: The Haasbot 2.0 offers its users a wide range of configuration options. Right from the start, you can choose between three different basic bots with different default settings. Depending on the license, various additional bots can also be added.

CoinDesk Rating: 4.5/5

The base of the Bitcoin code

Although the name Haasbot may sound familiar to some of us, some Bitcoin code user may never have heard of the Bitcoin code software. Haasbot 2.0 is more of a niche software aimed at the professional trader than the mainstream.

Compared to the previous version Haasbot 1.0, Haasbot 2.0 offers many new features and especially the user interface has changed a lot. This is now much more user-friendly and allows even the layman a trouble-free navigation.

The basic functions have not changed and there are still three different basic bots:

Trade, Arbitrage and Maximum Order. Trade bots trade in the sense of many different technical analyses, securities and hedges. With the update to version 2.0, you can now configure additional script bots yourself and choose from a pool of various new features.

With the „Advanced License“ the user can create an infinite number of bots and benefit from all securities, hedges and indicators. The „Simple License“ is limited to three bots from each category, that is a total of nine bots. The „Beginner License“ allows the user to create only two bots from each category (a total of six bots). The selection of securities, indicators and hedges is also limited with the Simple and Beginner licenses.

Haasbot 2.0 currently supports the Bitcoin exchanges Bitfinex, Bitstamp, BTC-e, CEX-IO, Cryptsy, Huobi, Kraken and some smaller exchanges. This offers the user the possibility to observe the trends on different stock exchanges and to trade ahead accordingly.

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